Jul 16, 2019

After some client calls and people 'secretly snooping' my profile, I thought it would be useful to post this for ANYONE WHO HAS A NEW PRODUCT IDEA, to help those who have ideas but have become stuck with ‘unknowns’ on how to move forward?

Most people with new product ideas are overloaded with excitement and energy because they can see the end success.

      - They can see people using or buying their product...

      - They can envision investors investing in their idea...

      - They can see the value their product idea gives to others...

      - They can see it selling and money coming in.

But the minute they get going and try to get started they find themselves wondering ‘what do I do next?’ ‘How do I get started? And then the list of questions start to grow and they become overwhelmed with doubts. And for those that are really unfortunate, they see someone else coming up with the same idea, getting it executed, selling it and making a success.

So imagine how you would feel to have clarity in what to do next and see your product idea get to the next level? If this is you, you are probably thinking right ok, 'So how do I move forward?' Well, you start by validating your product idea first! Find out if it solves a real problem and if there is a demand for that problem to be solved. Find out if people are actually prepared to pay for it! One of the biggest reason’s product ideas fail (besides it never actually getting started) is because someone did not invest the time to see if people would pay for it! Getting insight and real data to see if people would buy your product idea is a great way to get motivated, gain more confidence and put you on the path to success!

So, how do I validate my product idea? How can I ensure that I am going to see a return on my efforts?

Well, get in touch: www.mdzdesign.com/book-a-session.