Sep 16, 2019

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A few people have asked about 'things to consider when selecting a manufacturing partner?' Bringing a new product to the market can have its battles. Electronic products tend to involve a higher level of complexity and believe me, the process is not instant! Maybe you’re now at the manufacturing stages and finding yourself getting overwhelmed with decision making, costs, processes and it’s all getting a bit complicated.

Or maybe you got the drawings, have a great prototype and now realise there were other ways to create your product more economically, but you need to focus your time on other business areas to launch on time and would love some help? Either way, get in touch to see if I can help you. 

In the meantime, hopefully these 5 tips below also add value to your journey! But before I tell you these 5 things, remember to make sure you have a non-disclosure/non-use/non-circumvention agreement signed and a list of manufacturing questions to ask before getting into business. (TIP: Most people also tend to register a design in China before production starts).

The 5 things to consider when selecting a manufacturing partner is to select someone that….

1. Is a Privately Held Corporation

You want to deal with a company that answers ONLY to their customer and NOT other company shareholders looking to primarily make a profit.

2. Been in Business for 5+ Years Plus

If possible, partner with a company that has successfully gone through full-scale production for businesses and people in the past with experience and credentials. This experience will help you dramatically when you yourself are unsure of the process.

3. Has experience in the right manufacturing processes

Although it may seem obvious, most people don’t realise that not every manufacture can do everything. Find a partner that is fully familiar with ALL the tooling, manufacturing processes that you will need to use to create your product. This will eliminate risks in your manufacturing and timescales.

4. is an OEM manufacturer not ODM

The majority of the time, you want a company that can manufacture NEW PRODUCT IDEAS from the ground up and used to innovative thinking and open to pushing specifications, boundaries and innovation…it also helps if someone in the team can speak your language too.

5. Ideally, does NOT rely on 3rd Party or Sub-contractors

To sign off any legal certifications needed to sell your product in specific countries. Aim for a company that has its own verifiable insured/certified employees to sign off. Using subcontractors and 3rd party companies significantly increases cost, time and risk with each country having its own regulatory tests.

Extra tip: Regulations often require a copy of your instructions manual to be included along with the units to be tested. So be sure to have your manual finalized before you begin certification testing.

These are just some tips to share from my own experiences, conversations and reading various articles online that I thought would help those of you looking to bring a product idea to the market. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter to get more tips.

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