Sep 03, 2019

Have you been sitting on a product idea or product range for a while and struggling to work out the next steps? what to plan? decide? understand? or delegate? Let me ask you this, how long have you let those questions prevent you from moving forward? 

It is now September 2019, (only three months left) – so take action to ensure  that by 2020 you have reached the next big step!

Most people with a product idea get ‘stuck’ for months/years figuring out these ‘unknown’ next steps? Because they are: 

     - Afraid of making costly mistakes

     - Unsure how to scale up their offering 

     - Haven't truly figured out their business product portfolio 

     - Have limited time in their day-today 

     - Have limited expertise and knowledge of how to actually build their product idea

And what do most people do in this situation? They spend their time looking for books to read, speaking to friends, start to follow other people with launched products on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn hoping they can follow the footsteps of these people who seem to ‘have it all figured out’.

But what they fail to realise is, most of these people did not do it alone. They surrounded and invested in others to help them move forward with a proven process, achieving results quicker!

So, for those that have a product idea, and want to get on with it, BUT know that you don't have the time, expertise or don’t want to do all by yourself. 

Then book a strategy session to see if I can help you: now!