Aug 20, 2019

It’s a simple trap that most people bringing product ideas to the market fall into. So busy worrying about making the right decisions, how to make it sell, whom to work with, how much it will cost and if they will succeed in the end. Especially for those who are working without a proven process. But even through the process of creating your product idea, you are still a human and still need to have fun with others or by yourself!

1.   Having fun makes you more creative, open-minded and able to solve problems

2.   Having fun makes others want to be around you (great for networking, investors, clients)

3.   Having fun helps you manage your own and other’s expectations

4.   Having fun frees you up from the negative ‘what if’ voice

5.   It just feels good! and a much better way to pass the time.

So, do whatever works for you! If that’s singing to music and pretending, you’re a badass sexy singer/rapper/celebrity, dancing till you sweat with your kids or friends, getting lost while exploring, doing sports, or even walking around naked. It doesn’t matter…. BUT PLEASE, do it before you talk to others (or me) about your product idea. Half of the effort of getting people on board with your idea and selling it is about having a good high energy.

In the meantime, tell me, when did you last have fun? What did you do to break the daily routine of developing your product idea? Email over your ideas!