Sometimes projects or companies have problems in research, insights, concepts, strategy or design or product development. With a background in design and growing network of contacts, I can listen to your design problem & provide advice to try to help you find a solution.


With experience in design teams, I am happy to help you design your next new product with a unique edge. This can include being involved in workshops, user research, concept generation, design development. My tools of choice are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop, Rhino 3D and Keyshot rendering and hand making tools/foam for any prototypes. I also have a network of contacts to help us achieve quicker results if needed.


My last full-time role I was the Design Lead/Manager for a tech start-up, working in a fast pace dynamic environment with constant change of direction, different stakeholder interests and numerous design iterations all to hone in the design vision. Happy to get involved and help refine the vision and validate ideas.


Sometimes you dont need full design project, just a few days to refine the look and feel for a target the right audience, new mood board imagery, photo editing, new colourways. Happy to help.


What started as small side requests of visual graphics, artwork update, flyers & brochures, has now led me to work in the 2D space. lets have a chat.