Learn the top 3 powerful ways you can leverage design to achieve innovation and grow your business.

Today, highly successful businesses are investing in innovation and ways to differentiate through design. This book is a great resource for non-designer small business owners and founders who want to know how to use design to grow their business and bring innovative solutions to the market. While it was written with their perspective in mind, the information, advice and examples may also be of interest to others if they wish to work with designers and/or creative professionals. With this book, you can get a basic foundation of this mindset, to prepare for your next steps within your business journey.

Who should read this book?

  • Small business owners and founders with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Anyone looking for some structure in a vast sea of information
  • Business owners wanting to spend less time ‘figuring out’ design, and instead take steps to leverage it to move forward
  • People whose time is precious (this is a short book)
  • People who have a product business idea but want their questions answered before they make any life-changing decisions

What you will learn from this book?

  • An understanding of what design really is, and ways you can leverage it to build your small business and product idea.
  • Ways design can be measured to increase the impact of your business or the value of your product idea.
  • The unique ‘Design vs Business Owner Roadmap’, to identify your business needs and the design solution it may require to help you plan next steps.